What is this tool for ?

This tool is an algebraic calculator.

It is dedicated to undergraduate students having difficulties with algrebraic expression and the respect of operator's precedence for instance.

The tool shows the steps of an algebraic expression.

The tool supports braces around expressions.

It manages also implicit precedence between the plus, minus, multiplication, division and power.

How to use this tool ?

Enter the name of a variable , for instance "x"

Followed by the EQUAL sign "="

Then enter an algebraic expression and finish with the semi-colon ";"

For instance type the following expression finished by a semi-colon ";"

y = 3.1 * ( 2.1 + 5.1);

You should get y = 22.32 as a result.

The underlying grammar supports three trigonometric functions: cos, sin and tan.

For the trigonometric functions: the input is in radians.

The underlying grammar supports also the Pi constant - written Pi or pi.

The code of this application is available from here: Calculator


variable operator value
abstract syntax tree